FREE Whitening For Life

FREE Whitening For Life

Who doesn’t like the sound of a healthier mouth with teeth that stay white for FREE for life?

Philips Zoom is the Worlds’ Leading Whitening Brand, and the ONLY company to offer the


Simply book and pay for a FULL in chair whitening using the Zoom Whitespeed LED light and we will give you 2 FREE bleaching syringes at your first appointment and ONE free syringe at each 6 month visit.

Sign the ENDLESS WHITENING CONTRACT at any one of our FREE WHITENING FOR LIFE clinicians highlighted in pink on our website. Visit the same dentist or hygienist every 6 months for a cleaning / check up and in return for your commitment, we will keep your teeth healthy and white for LIFE.

Herschelle Gibbs, @herschellegibbs
FREE Whitening For Life

Consent Forms

Consent forms can protect both the patient and the clinician.

There are 2 forms available to download – the original Philips Zoom consent form and the amended one which covers more aspects about bleaching for the patient.

If you are a patient and are considering having bleaching done, download and read through the amended version which covers all the pros and some possible cons as its always important to know what to expect.

Please note that all our clinicians have been trained and are the best people to speak to when it comes to your teeth. We can not give you treatment advice, only information.

Your dentist or hygienist will advise you on the best treatment plan for you and your teeth. Philips Zoom is the World’s Leading professional whitening product offering safe and effective results in as little as 45 minutes of active chair time.

Ready to get a Zoom Whitening treatment?