Zoom Whitespeed
LED light
The latest in Philips' lighting
technology, with 3 different
intensity settings.
Combine with our patented,
dual-barrelled 25% HP gel to 
achieve results of up to 8 shades in 45 minutes. 
(A 40% increase in whitening 
efficacy compared to when using the HP gel alone) 
Dash In-Office 
A complete in office whitening
kit consisting of a 2.9g 30%HP gel syringe, liquidam, cheek
retractors and bite block, gauze, cotton rolls, accelerator swabs, suction tips and Relief gel.
Up to 5 shades whiter in 45 minutes. Combine with home whitening for best results. 
Day / Nite White Take
Home Ampoules
9.5%HP (30 min) or 14%HP
(15 min) Day White
10% CP Nite White
Can be used on their
own or in combination
with in chair whitening.
Ideal for maintenance.
Relief Gel
Contains ACP,
sodium fluoride and
potassium nitrate.
Helps to remineralise,
improves tooth luster,
desensitises and
helps to prevent
fall back by up to half
a shade.